Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Oh my, it's been so long since I last logged in here I had to try three times before I got my userid/password right.

So. Yes, I am sorry I've been most remiss in tending to this little piece of cyberspace heaven of mine but time has not been the most merciful of masters.

Right. Straight to business then. What have I been up to you ask. Nothing much honestly, just ah well, EXAMS, 3 WINTER STORMS, NEW YORK, BOSTON, WASHINGTON D.C., JESSUP, JESSUP, JESSUP and erm have I mentioned JESSUP?????

hurhur. it's been good fun though and I promise to write more and post pictures. Within the next 3 days. I promise. But now, I need to turn to Kono v. Kono and educate myself as to the intricacies of transnational litigation.