Tuesday, July 03, 2007

A thousand words.

Where the river meets the lake:

Riverside property:

Skyline from the lake:

Bits and pieces:

You see, the thing that I love about this city is that there is always an element of community and civic-mindedness. The pictures of the white tents of a farmer's market is in the courtyard of the Daley Civic Center which houses the courts. Where the kids are playing in the fountain is 1 block away from the main business district. I love how the severity of the business district is mitigated and grounded by the sound of children playing and farmers hawking their wares. It isn't uncommon to see high flying lawyers sitting by the park eating out of a take out box, something I'd pay good money to see in Singapore. It's almost as if once one leaves an office building, work is left behind too and live moves on anyways.


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